Selling Suicide Awareness Bracelets


Unbreakable Through my Storms


I made this for my Facebook page that I have on mental health and suicide prevention. I will post a link and be sure to check it out and give it a like. I post encouraging post and try to help people if they need someone to talk to. Remember you are never alone.

Tomorrow is promised to no one…

One thing that is guaranteed to us all is death. This is a subject I personally do not like talking about because it depresses me as I am sure it does others. We never know what day, hour or time will be our last. That’s the part that scares me. If you don’t know Jesus I suggest you find Him and get to know Him. Personally I believe we are living in the last days. This world depresses me by the things that go on. The devil is running all around, messing with who ever he can. Making things look good just to rope you in. Be smart know the difference between the enemy and what God is trying to do. If you have sin in your life ask for forgiveness. Forgive others and most of all forgive yourself. If I have wronged anyone that is reading this I am sorry and I hope for your forgiveness. When you wake up in the morning, look to the sky and thank the Lord that he woke you up this morning. Kiss your love ones and tell them that you love them whenever they go out the door or if it’s you that is going out the door. It might just be the last kiss or conversation that you will ever have. Never go to bed mad with someone. Make peace where peace needs to be made. These are just a few of my thoughts that I am feeling today. Too many people dying too young but only God knows why and he does have plans. Look to Him for the answers not the fellow man. God bless each of you who have taken the time to read this and remember you are Loved and you are never alone. Do random acts of kindness you never know who it can impact. I know when I help others it brings a joy to me that I can’t even explain. Never judge a person by their looks or by anything. You don’t know what that person has gone through. You don’t walk in their shoes. Be kind, listen and understand. Get on their level then you just might see what a person is going through or coming from. Who knows you might even make a friend. 💙

Love, Regina

Beautiful Art!

Just edited this for fun. I was wearing my hair extensions. I think it is beautiful art! Remember to love yourself no matter what, yes this editing does alter the way I look in a photograph but it does not alter the way I look in real life. I only edit as a art and a hobby.