Book Review of Diamond in the Rough: A Memoir by Kamika Graham

Book Review of Diamond in the Rough: A Memoir
The true story of a domestic violence survivor (Revised)
by Kamika Graham

This book is a great read for anyone who has or is going through a domestic violence situation. Kamika shares her true story in details which in turn allows you to truly see her pain. Kamika faces her obstacles through healing from the Lord and gains strength to persevere past her pain allowing God to transform and heal her. Kamika uses her story to help empower other women that have gone through or is in a domestic violence situation to get out now! There is hope for a better life and you are worthy. It was hard for me to put this book down due to the suspense of what is going to happen next and learning of the strength and bravery Kamika showed in every situation and for her kids. I recommend this book to anyone facing trials no matter what they are. You can over come them through power of prayer and healing in the Lord Jesus Christ.
Book Review by Regina M. Carter
July 6, 2018

Here is the link to purchase her book from Amazon.

Diamond in the Rough: A Memoir: The true story of a domestic violence survivor

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My name is Regina Carter and I run a mental health and suicide prevention Facebook page called Unbreakable Through my Storms. I am in the process of writing a book and the proceeds from this fundraiser will help make my dream of writing a book come true. The proceeds would go towards the cost of publication. I designed these shirts as a reminder of what we go through and struggling is all a part of our story. Keep going, never give up. Your life matters and during the struggles and storms you remain Unbreakable Through my Storms. God bless. 💚 Regina

My book will reflect on some of my struggles and how I gained strength through Christ to over come them. Going to add some poems in there as well. Filled with hope and inspiration.

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